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Top Facts:

Safety: Cocaine and Pablo Escobar put Colombia on the map for some Americans. Despite the spotty past Colombia has done a lot to dispel its violent history and has unearthed a new persona. It has become a jewel of South America. My  explorations thru Bogota, Medellin, and Cartegna during both solo and couple trips has gone without any incidents or concern for safety.

Cost Index: (90 out of 100) Colombia is not the cheapest country I've visited but certainly offers cost conservative  options for individuals traveling on a budget. Food and transportation were relatively low, while hotels had a wide range from $20usd/night for a clean hostel to $315usd/night for the five star, old Cartengna, boutique hotel. We spent ~$100usd for 4-star equivalent boutique hotel. Medellin had the cheapest hotel cost compared to its sister cities. 

Visa: No Visa for tourist stays of 90 days or less

Best time to travel: There is not just one good seasonal time to visit Colombia as weather is consistent year around. Bogota represented mild summer temperatures ranging from 64-68F while Cartagena had the more tropical weather with temperatures ranging from 88-90F. 

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