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Brooke Eben in Colombia

                                           Welcome to Safiri Love!

Hello my name is Brooke and I'm excited to share with you tips and insights to make your travel experience as phenomenal as each one of my journeys have been for me. Exploring the world is my passion with each experience enabling me to grow as an individual and appreciate the cultural of others. I’ve traveled to well over 30 countries. Yes, I’ve counted but I’m not into keeping track of passport stamps instead I'm more focused on capturing experiences. As a mother of two little adventurous girls, wife to my favorite travel buddy, strategist for a chemical company, and several entrepreneurial endeavors my plate is full. However traveling the world is something I always find time to do as it is my way to re-energize. I work to live and enjoy spending time traveling with my loved ones. 

Brooke Eben Family

                                                     Travel Style

My travel style is bohemian luxury meets adventure. My husband jokingly refers to me as bougie on a budget because I'm always seeking for ways to minimize my travel expense while still maintaining my travel style. Although my academics are based in engineering I'm a designer by heart and enjoy staying in well designed boutique hotels and Airbnb accommodations.

Dubai Desert Safari

I also love my share of adventure and enjoy experiences like going mudslinging in a wet muddy field in the Indonesian mountains while living life on the edge atv racing.  I also like to take cultural tours to learn about the country I'm visiting and connect with the locals.

                                                Safiri Love Mission

Trip planning is part of the adventure for me and I have benefited from self-directed itinerary building with the help of my fellow nomad blogs and travel groups. My mission is to write inspiring and useful content that will be helpful as you plan your future adventures. Come and let's explore! #Safirilove

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